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Tooltips not functioning properly in Chrome

Reported 22 Apr 2011 05:56:03
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22 Apr 2011 05:56:03 Gary Bortz posted:
I have tooltips set up on a thumbnails page to show a larger image + caption on mouseover. If you click one of the thumbnails to go to the details page, and then use the back button, on Chrome, every popup tooltip is then of the same image. This is not a problem on IE or Firefox. Any ideas?

Check out

Click on an image to go to the details page and then use the back button or previous page button and every tooltip mouseover then shows exactly the same image (the one that was clicked).


Replied 24 Apr 2011 21:40:47
24 Apr 2011 21:40:47 Gary Bortz replied:
The tooltip loads an external asp file called tooltips.asp that pulls the appropriate inventory number from a database.

Even though the tooltip calls for a different inventory number for each mouseover, it keeps pulling up the same one. It works fine when the thumbnail page is first opened. It's just when the back button is used.

It seems to have the same problem in Safari too.
Replied 28 Apr 2011 13:55:19
28 Apr 2011 13:55:19 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Gary,

Testing your website in Google Chrome 10.0.648.205 here i can't seem to recreate the issue you have.
Replied 30 Apr 2011 03:30:16
30 Apr 2011 03:30:16 Gary Bortz replied:
That's because I ended up checking whether Safari or Chrome was being used and redirected to a page which loads only the image rather than a page containing the image and title. You will see the different in tooltips if you look on IE and Chrome side by side.

I did not know how to resolve the problem, but if you are really interested in working out the issue, I will recreate it using another page and send you the link. Easy enough to do.

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