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Reported 20 Sep 2012 19:11:34
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20 Sep 2012 19:11:34 Barry Austin posted:
Purchased and installed 7 products including Advanced Tool Tips. All except ATT showed up in DW after re-starting, plus the 'Updater' which I installed as well. The ATT app didn't show up so I tried re-installing it. Initially the Extension manager recognized a conflict because it saw the app already there, but I said OK to install anyway and got a successful in stall message. After re-starting DW it STILL does not show up. What can I do as this is the app I needed to use first and I am anxious to get started with it? I have clients waiting for the results.

When the ext mgr asked about overwriting new files I said 'no to all'. Could this have caused a problem?




Replied 20 Sep 2012 20:49:58
20 Sep 2012 20:49:58 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Barry,

First - whenever you are asked anything by Dreamweaver when you install any of our extensions - please click Yes to all.

About the tooltips - as it is shown in the user's manual and video tutorials it is located under the Tag Inspector>Behaviors>Add new>DMXzone

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