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showTooltip(trigger, arg); can't find variable showTooltip

Reported 02 Aug 2017 22:03:30
has this problem
02 Aug 2017 22:03:30 jefferis peterson posted:
tooltips no longer functions on any page. Get a warning in inspector that it can't find the variable


Replied 03 Aug 2017 07:20:49
03 Aug 2017 07:20:49 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Jefferis,
The tooltips are not working on your page as the jquery library include is missing from the head tags of your page.
Replied 03 Aug 2017 19:40:50
03 Aug 2017 19:40:50 jefferis peterson replied:
Hi, which jquery file is the one it is supposed to link to? Also, I tried to reinstall the extension and get this error:
Replied 04 Aug 2017 17:25:31
04 Aug 2017 17:25:31 jefferis peterson replied:
Okay, I found the problem with the tooltips. I had to put the link to the jQuery before the script in the header.
I am still having trouble with installing any extension. I checked the read/write options for the folder and admin and system have permissions to write.

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