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Photo titles being cut off and the first 7 or so characters being cut off

Reported 17 Jun 2014 13:36:26
has this problem
17 Jun 2014 13:36:26 Michael Propst posted:
I am having to reduce the default size of the object to be no wider than 280px. I have set the overall size to 280x280. The functionality does not seem to be effected by reducing to such a small size and the images respond and display correctly, however I am having some problems with the image titles getting the first 7 or so characters cut off. The test title should be "Test Caption 1" and all that is showing up is "Caption 1" I have tried reducing the text size down to 10 and even small but that seems to have no effect at all on the actual size of the text of positioning. Because of the nature of this site the picture titles are extremely important. Thanks


Replied 02 Aug 2023 06:43:52
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