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Create a grid from a recordset not a Database table?

Asked 17 Apr 2010 11:00:23
have this question
17 Apr 2010 11:00:23 Chris Parker posted:

I have a complex recordset made from joining tables together - can I use this to make a DataGrid?

In the first part of the Grid dialog box it only gives the option to display a table direct from the database, not from a recordset.

How do I do this?




Replied 19 Apr 2010 10:19:24
19 Apr 2010 10:19:24 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Chris,

If you join the tables in a view in your database you can call that view in the datagrid.

Replied 10 May 2010 23:38:00
10 May 2010 23:38:00 James Deakins replied:
But what do you do if you need to filter the results with something like a URL parameter? It's very frustrating because if I can't do that, I can't really use the product.

I have just purchased this so it's all very new to me.
Replied 11 May 2010 09:33:16
11 May 2010 09:33:16 Denis Hoffmann replied:
I need to create the extended recordset in DW not the simple one.
any plans for the near futur?
Replied 11 May 2010 10:40:47
11 May 2010 10:40:47 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello James,

in the Grid UI there is a filtering options where you can assign a URL variable to filter the Grid. Also the grid itself has a 'search' which you can set to filter a certain column.

Replied 12 May 2010 02:42:32
12 May 2010 02:42:32 James Deakins replied:
Thanks for your reply. I must have missed that.

Can you filter with 2 URL parameters?
Replied 13 May 2010 09:37:42
13 May 2010 09:37:42 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello James,

You cannot Filter by two URLs, however you can have once a filter by URL variable and once with a search.

Replied 06 Nov 2010 19:24:04
06 Nov 2010 19:24:04 Brad Lawryk replied:
I think this should be a priority new feature in the next version of this if there is one.

That one feature - even if the UI supported the Advanced Recordset UI in Dreamweaver instead of just the basic this would be killer.
Replied 12 Feb 2011 04:05:11
12 Feb 2011 04:05:11 Brad Lawryk replied:
Replied 18 Mar 2012 11:00:20
18 Mar 2012 11:00:20 Denis Hoffmann replied:

what about the Advanced Recordset UI in Dreamweaver support?
Any plans? Cause this will give the extension an extra PUSH.

Replied 19 Sep 2012 15:32:49
19 Sep 2012 15:32:49 Andre Bender replied:
I do also need the possibility to filter the recordset with more than one URL parameter!
Replied 23 Nov 2012 03:28:34
23 Nov 2012 03:28:34 Miguel Quintero replied:
i also vote for advance recordset been able to make joins
Replied 07 Aug 2013 19:13:52
07 Aug 2013 19:13:52 Johnathan Whitt replied:
Any news has this been done?

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