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Using Ajax DataGrid to select users from a list of items and update a record in a database.

Asked 24 Apr 2013 18:02:08
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24 Apr 2013 18:02:08 Troy Julius posted:

Can I setup the Ajax DataGrid so users can select from a list of items (than update their profile) finally when a users logs into their profile only the items they selected are displayed in the users profile for example I have a list of golfers who want to list and select other golfers who they want to see in their profile also need to have a link to each golfers detailed record. Is there anyone who knows how to accomplish this using the Ajax DataGrid, help please reply! I'm thinking there might already be documentation on how to do this; I hope! I'm willing to hire someone, please help.

I really hope you can help me, please reply.



Replied 27 Apr 2013 10:28:30
27 Apr 2013 10:28:30 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Troy,

Basically, Data Grid is used for data representation. Any other functionality should be supported by custom coding. So, if you have a means to create a user selected list of golfers you can make Data Grid display it. Data Grid has also events that enables you to assign a certain behaviour in example on row click. so the Grid has the interface that is required for your idea to become real, but that, again, requires additional coding.


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