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Getting very frustrated using your products

Asked 20 Apr 2011 01:28:21
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20 Apr 2011 01:28:21 Web Master posted:
I have now spent about 6 hours trying to get the stupid calendar to work as it should took about 2 hours this morning on your online support to get the pop up to work - the person helping was very nice though.

Now that I've got it working (popup) I can't get the date to insert into the DB all that shows is 0/0/00 in the DB no matter what I do.

I purchased this extension to help ease my work not increase it. I think the issue is it creates its own text field instead of using one already on the form. Interack had the right idea of how this needs to work and although your calendar is nicer looker with more options I had to revert to their calender picker because I can't afford to spend any more time on this

Other issue is I'm in the states so that means support is not available for half my work day either.

Your products appear nice at the start but in the 4 I've purchased they have never worked without the need of support.


Replied 20 Apr 2011 05:28:24
20 Apr 2011 05:28:24 Web Master replied:
ok after about 8 hours have been able to make this work - because the DMX Calendar does not display DB entries you need to adjust the code. Here is how I did it based on the ideas within another post.

<input type="text" id="start_<?php echo $cnt1; ?>" size="15" maxlength="22" name="start_<?php echo $cnt1; ?>" value="<?php echo kt_formatdate($row_rsCalendar_2['start']); ?>" />
<script type="text/javascript">
// <![CDATA[
$(function() {$('#start_<?php echo $cnt1; ?>').datepicker({
skin : "dmxCalendar",
dateFormat : "m/dd/yy",
showStatus : true,
numberOfMonths : [2,3],
showAnim : "slide",
showOptions :
easing : "easeOutBounce",
direction : "up",
mode : "show"
duration : "slow",
showOn : "both",
buttonImage : "../../Styles/dmxCalendar/calendar_icon.gif",
buttonImageOnly : true,
prompt : "",
closeAtTop : false,
dropShadow :
left : 4,
top : 4,
opacity : 30,
blur : 1

}).attr("readonly", "readonly";})
// ]]>

You need to take out the Max and default date it appears as well - this was used in conjunction with the kollections

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