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Big Excel export doesn't work

Reported 15 Oct 2009 10:38:07
have this problem
15 Oct 2009 10:38:07 Jerry Smith posted:
I tried to do excel export and for 100 members in recordset it works for 1900 members the page never responds :-( Is there any buffer limit to the variable you create with all the data that should be increased in IIS?


Replied 15 Oct 2009 10:39:38
15 Oct 2009 10:39:38 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Jerry,

Could you post a link to a test-page?

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 15 Oct 2009 14:46:33
15 Oct 2009 14:46:33 Jerry Smith replied:
Very hard, because it is a membership page and a member table. Personal data in it :-(
Replied 15 Oct 2009 14:54:55
15 Oct 2009 14:54:55 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Jerry,

If you want you could e-mail me a login, using the e-mail link under my picture. If this is not an option, we would have to recreate something, but this could take some time.

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 02 Oct 2010 19:10:17
02 Oct 2010 19:10:17 sanjay shah replied:
Yes, I also have the same problem, I'm returning approx 1800 records with 20 columns just errors out 'Unable to download...'

However on a small sample it works - don't know if the script is timing out?
Replied 09 Oct 2010 11:28:34
09 Oct 2010 11:28:34 sanjay shah replied:
hello is there any help / remedy for this bug?
Replied 11 Oct 2010 10:16:15
11 Oct 2010 10:16:15 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

Could you please provide a link to your page?
Replied 27 Mar 2013 17:26:00
27 Mar 2013 17:26:00 luca leonardi replied:
Hi, i've this problem too.
My test page: win.orchideelab.it/export.asp

Replied 27 Mar 2013 19:32:20
27 Mar 2013 19:32:20 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Luca.

Probably your server timeouts the request sometimes.
I was able to download XLS file with size 1071KB from your link.


Replied 28 Mar 2013 07:35:26
28 Mar 2013 07:35:26 luca leonardi replied:
Yes, but I put only a few fields. Please try now, i added server behavior to export recordset. My data is veeery big (+5000 record with many columns)

Replied 28 Mar 2013 07:49:34
28 Mar 2013 07:49:34 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Luca.

Because of the large amount of data requested to load at once, the server timeouts the request.


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