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Asked 09 Sep 2010 16:34:02
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09 Sep 2010 16:34:02 Jennifer Gibson posted:

I finally figured out how to get this to work. I don't seem to be able to edit the PDF Formatting. I edit the settings for row width, font size, etc. When I click on the link to download the file, the formatting changes I just saved do not appear.

Is this a caching issue? Or do I need to delete the link and start over with the new format?


Replied 10 Sep 2010 09:40:14
10 Sep 2010 09:40:14 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Jennifer,

Please, provide the code of the page in question as well as information on your OS, Dw version and server you are using.

Replied 14 Sep 2010 17:48:22
14 Sep 2010 17:48:22 Jennifer Gibson replied:
Don't worry about it. I deleted the pdf version, cleaned up the table code and will try again. I'm new to this extension and using web pages that need lots of clean up.
Replied 15 Sep 2010 10:36:13
15 Sep 2010 10:36:13 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Jen,

Ok, will wait for your feedback.

Replied 22 Sep 2010 20:49:35
22 Sep 2010 20:49:35 Jennifer Gibson replied:
I have cleaned up any nested tables and still receive an error when trying to use the PDF export. Something like subscript out of range.
Replied 23 Sep 2010 09:49:32
23 Sep 2010 09:49:32 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Jennifer,

Please provide the exact error message.

Replied 23 Sep 2010 16:25:50
23 Sep 2010 16:25:50 Jennifer Gibson replied:
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0009'

Subscript out of range: 'i'

/ScriptLibrary/dmxDataExporter.asp, line 2700
Replied 20 Mar 2011 02:44:09
20 Mar 2011 02:44:09 David A replied:
I was not able to scroll down to the end of the form to fill and
I am geting this:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0409'

Unterminated string constant

D:\WEBS\KOREAT0013\BROKER\BM\../../ScriptLibrary/dmxDataExporter.asp, line 2739

str = regEx.Replace(str,"?)
Replied 22 Mar 2011 11:04:26
22 Mar 2011 11:04:26 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello David,

can I access the page in question online?

Replied 30 Oct 2022 08:49:28
30 Oct 2022 08:49:28 Anny Key replied:
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