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Export producing empty excel and csv files.

Reported 24 Jun 2011 19:26:01
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24 Jun 2011 19:26:01 Judy Scofield posted:
I have a page that displays detail results based on a value passed from another page. I'm using mysql database and php. The page display works fine. The export option on the detail pages works for some result sets, but for others creates an empty result. No error messages. What could make the difference?

www.cavancorp.com/austin -
1. Log in as user, password: user.
2. Select 'By Parish' under 'All Records'.
3. Click on '105' under Parish #. Export to Excel on result page works fine.
4. Click 'Return to Parish List'.
5. Click of '140' under Parish #. Export to Excel on result page returns an empty excel file.

About 10 of the parish numbers return empty files, both excel and csv.


Judy Scofield


Replied 28 Jun 2011 09:01:31
28 Jun 2011 09:01:31 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Judy,

Can you see a link between the count of the records and the creation of the excel file?

Replied 29 Jun 2011 01:06:11
29 Jun 2011 01:06:11 Judy Scofield replied:
I didn't think so at first, but after checking it does. The number of gifts is the number of records in the result set. The ones up to 234 records (235 with the column header) work, anything over that does not. It seems like such a small file, I didn't think size would have anything to do with it.

Replied 30 Jun 2011 09:57:58
30 Jun 2011 09:57:58 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Judy,

Possible workaround would be creating a pagination and option to export only result shown. That is just a proposal so your app will work until we find the cause and eventually issue a fix if needed or an FAQ if the cause is not within our product.

Replied 30 Jun 2011 17:15:26
30 Jun 2011 17:15:26 Judy Scofield replied:
I don't paginate the results because the sorts only sort what is displayed, which is also a problem. My result sets are small enough that it is not too much of a issue, but I certainly don't want to break them down any smaller.

Is there a record limit on the export? 250 records seems an awfully small amount, and the client certainly wouldn't want his export in those small pieces.



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