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form's submitt button disabled - RESOLVED

Asked 13 Jan 2010 23:44:07
has this question
13 Jan 2010 23:44:07 Manuel Pena posted:
I have a form that even after all erros in the form are corrected the submitt button is still diabled (grayed out) what culd be causing this behavior?
How may I correct it?



Replied 14 Jan 2010 10:21:44
14 Jan 2010 10:21:44 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Manuel,

Can you provide a link to a test page?

Replied 15 Jan 2010 18:24:51
15 Jan 2010 18:24:51 Manuel Pena replied:
sure, here it is

Please not that at this time only "Employee First Name"
and "Employee Last Name" are required fields
Replied 17 Jan 2010 01:07:15
17 Jan 2010 01:07:15 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Manuel,

I just had a look at your pages' code. Can it be that there is some other kind of validation on there. I see all kinds of KT code. Could you copy only the form to a new page and apply the validator? If that works there must be a conflict in code somewhere....

Kind regards, Patrick
Replied 17 Jan 2010 07:25:35
17 Jan 2010 07:25:35 Manuel Pena replied:

Your analysis was correct, I just removed the Developers Toolbox Validation server behavior and the problem is fixed

Thanks for your help

Regards ManuelP
Replied 17 Jan 2010 10:26:11
17 Jan 2010 10:26:11 Patrick Julicher replied:
Hi Manuel,

Glad I could help. Good luck with your page and site!

Kind regards, Patrick

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