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On Field Change validation

Asked 23 Feb 2010 19:21:35
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23 Feb 2010 19:21:35 Tina Meadors posted:
I'm finding myself frustrated with this extension.
  1. The file dmx.jquery.validate.js did not copy to the ScriptLibrary folder. I had to search your forum for information, then locate and manually copy it to the correct location.

  2. I need to validate a form and submit it to another page. According to this thread in the forum, www.dmxzone.com/forum/topic/47944/ that means I can't validate the form "On Submit" - I have to use "On Field Change" validation only.

  3. Using "On Field Change" validation only, I'm unable to effectively validate the form. My form has several required fields that can accept any format. If the user just tabs through them, the "On Field Change" validation doesn't work, so even though the required field is blank, it doesn't trigger a validation error, because it hasn't changed. The same is true for my required Select list fields.

  4. Even when I select "On Field Change" and do not select "On Submit" in the interface, the post action for my form is changed to ACTION="<%=DMX_validateAction%>">, so I have to always change it back any time I open the validation behavior interface.

  5. Due to being unable to validate effectively On Field Change (Item 3), Item 2 is a deal-breaker for me and an extension that I had hoped would save me some time, seems to be, for now, a waste of both my time and my money.

    I hope that in a future release, you'll add a method of submitting the form to a page after validation, or of applying the validation behavior to the on-click event of a Submit button, and perhaps an option to validate a field "on blur" instead of just "on change".


Replied 24 Feb 2010 12:17:50
24 Feb 2010 12:17:50 Jerry Smith replied:
Tina, I found that it is not copied also, take a look: www.dmxzone.com/forum/topic/48528/

I have been greeted with angry answer only. I was frustrated becuase I couldn't get the extension working and I've spent 12 hours to find what was wrong.

It was saturday, yes, but today it is wednesday and it is not I've got any support in this 3 WORKING days either.

So... I am glad you found the solution to this ;-)

As I didn't try yet to use onField Change only, I am not able to comment your other problems. I sent a list of my 7 bugs I found so maybe thare are others with on field change also.

Let's hope authors answer soon and preferably with the fix.



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