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Multiple Validations

Reported 26 Nov 2011 23:33:07
has this problem
26 Nov 2011 23:33:07 Jesse Wiggins posted:
Trying to disallow shipments to Alaska/Hawaii. So I am assigning a 'not equal to' type to the state selection. Since, 'not equal to' doesn't let you simply enter text, I have made two hidden form fields ("AK" and "HI". I then assigned the 'not equal to' validation twice to the state selection field and pointed each to their respective hidden field. The problem is, only one of them is being processed. Please help.


Replied 28 Nov 2011 18:54:50
28 Nov 2011 18:54:50 Jesse Wiggins replied:
Sorry, didn't include the requested information.

Dreamweaver version: CS4 & CS5.5
OS: Win7
Extension Version: Universal Form Validator 1.5.6
Browser: IE, Chrome, FF
Live sample: www.wingflyer.net
Steps: Select 'Alaska' and 'Hawaii' in the Shipping State dropdown.

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