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Validate age

Asked 29 Nov 2011 18:09:24
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29 Nov 2011 18:09:24 kelvin wright posted:
I need to be able to validate is someone is over 18 years old based upon their date of birth and a date in the future.

Is this possible?


Replied 06 Dec 2011 14:36:17
06 Dec 2011 14:36:17 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Kelvin Wright.

It's possible applying rules to the field . I think the following video can be helpful in order to what you are trying to achieve :

Validate Minimum and Maximum selected items with Universal Form Validator ASP

Take a look also on our other videos in which we explain the functionality of the extension :

Universal Form Validator ASP Videos

Also our manual section explains very user friendly how to use the extension:
Universal Form Validator ASP Manual

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