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Folder View + File Genie

Asked 05 Oct 2011 00:48:05
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05 Oct 2011 00:48:05 Badg Champion posted:
Is it possible to use these two together and incorporate the delete function to manage the files?
Regards, Badg.


Replied 06 Oct 2011 10:04:30
06 Oct 2011 10:04:30 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Badg Champ.,

That is a really interesting question.

That has not been tested as of now. However, working with the File Genie is close to working with Recordset data. Thus it is achievable to build a Folder View list with the File Genie data set.

About the deletion. In the manual of the File Genie is explained how to set a Deletion link for repeated Feed Genie elements.

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