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How to update this extension? Alternative?

Asked 08 Jun 2018 08:02:29
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08 Jun 2018 08:02:29 Michele - posted:
Is there an new extension (or plugin) for Folder View?
It's very outdated but I'm still using on a website and I'm worried about security (I'd rather use something more recent and still under development).


Replied 08 Jun 2018 10:08:19
08 Jun 2018 10:08:19 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Michele,
You can use the File System Connector with Server Connect and App Connect:
Replied 08 Jun 2018 10:25:06
08 Jun 2018 10:25:06 Michele - replied:
Hi Teodor... but is possibile to create a "tree folder view" (listings of any folder within a website) with File System Connector?

I don't see Showcases or Videos regarding this type of use on this page:
Replied 08 Jun 2018 10:40:06
08 Jun 2018 10:40:06 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Well you can nest folders contents to have a tree-like structure (same as nesting database queries) but there are no such predefined layouts/icons.
Replied 08 Jun 2018 10:45:29
08 Jun 2018 10:45:29 Michele - replied:
Ok thanks, I'll take a look.

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