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Don`t display onused hours

Asked 11 Feb 2011 15:41:49
have this question
11 Feb 2011 15:41:49 Dick Medema posted:
Hello DMXZone.
I have a question about the hours that are not used in the calendar.
For example:
working_hours_start:8, working_hours_stop:22

The hours outside these times I wish that were not shown, or that an anchor point will jump directly to the first event so that the unused time will be skipped.
Please give me reply here or I will look for another script / extension
With kind regards,


Replied 11 Feb 2011 15:45:09
11 Feb 2011 15:45:09 Dick Medema replied:
Hello DMXZone.
Maybe it is possible to program the code so instead of (working_hours_start: 8, working_hours_stop: 22) to (show_hours_start: 8, show_hours_stop: 22), it will be great if there is a solution.

With kind regards,
Replied 15 Feb 2011 14:26:46
15 Feb 2011 14:26:46 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Dick,

unfortunately that functionality is not present in the current version of the extension. I'll see to add your request for further updates.

Replied 04 May 2011 23:43:44
04 May 2011 23:43:44 Dick Medema replied:
Hello Miroslav,
I did a while ago a question on the survey ongbruikte hours a week.
Is this fixed in the new 1.0.3 update.
With kind regards,
Replied 13 Jan 2012 13:15:30
13 Jan 2012 13:15:30 Dick Medema replied:
Hello DMXZone,
I read that a new upgrade of the calendar (version 2), very nice but there is now a solution to my previous question that I could not easily find in descriptions and demo `s.
Replied 16 Jan 2012 09:19:25
16 Jan 2012 09:19:25 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Dick,

The update was for the DMXzone Calendar, not for Ajax Event Calendar

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