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Event date with Default Date using DMXzone Calendar - Resolved

Asked 12 Jun 2011 15:48:00
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12 Jun 2011 15:48:00 Web Master posted:
I'm using the DMXzone Calendar to allow users to pick their dates for the Event Calendar which is entered into a mysql table - the date enters correctly in the table field.

The issue is when I go to update the record for something else the start field defaults to the current date and does not show the previous date entered into the table field but instead defaults to the current date which is what the DMXzone Calendar is set to show in the pop up calendar.

How do you get the default date to be what has been entered into the start field ? I have selected the dynamic option and the correct field to display the information from but still defaults to the current date. Is this a bug ?
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Replied 17 Jun 2011 09:49:57
17 Jun 2011 09:49:57 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
This was resolved in a live chat session.

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