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Asked 02 Apr 2012 15:12:00
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02 Apr 2012 15:12:00 Scott Lakey posted:
I would like an option to provide a listing or feed for items upcoming items in a period that you could set yourself. For example, I could list items coming up for the next week from today. This in addition to the day, week, month and year.


Replied 03 Apr 2012 06:39:46
03 Apr 2012 06:39:46 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Replied 05 Apr 2012 21:17:48
05 Apr 2012 21:17:48 Scott Lakey replied:
The demo above appears to show the Calendar 2 highlighting all the dates where there are other events in your recordset. After watching the video, I was able to pass the date from a page containing the Calendar 2 to a page with the Ajax Event Calendar and have it appear correctly.

Now going back to the page that contains the Calendar 2, should other dates be highlighted similar to the "year view" on the Ajax Event Calendar. I put the same recordset of events on the page. Either this is not possible or I'm incorrectly trying to connect the fields.
Hope this make sense.

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