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pulling dynamic data

Asked 27 Nov 2012 11:54:49
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27 Nov 2012 11:54:49 jeff rammer posted:
I want an advanced tooltips to display the 'description' column contents for the Event Date. Not the Title, but the description of the event. The tooltip pulls the first description entry in the database and won't pull the data for each event.The tooltip behaviors I configured are using the following code:

<?php echo $row_RecordsetEventCal['description']; ?>

It's the only option I see in the behavior selection.

I followed the tutorial for displaying dynamic data also.


Replied 29 Mar 2013 08:21:15
29 Mar 2013 08:21:15 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello Jeff,

When applying behaviours on events in the Ajax Event Calendar you do it using the Behaviour Connector - a blue paperclip icon in the Calendar Interface. There once you select the event and the behaviour you like to attach to that event a dialogue with options for that behaviour is opened - in your case the UI Dialogue of Advanced Tooltips.
Within that dialogue you can use masks - strings that later on are recognized and substituted with a specific data - in your case ##description## can be used set in the Advanced Tooltips Dialogue in Content field. In this movie you can see the use of ##id## mask. Each mask has a description in the Help field in the Behaviour connector Interface.


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