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Use calendar to display a word of the day

Asked 06 Mar 2013 17:21:56
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06 Mar 2013 17:21:56 Kevin Moore posted:
Is there a way to use the event calendar to display a "Word of the Day"? For example ... have the Event Title be the word I want to show and have it change each day by reading it from the database.


Replied 07 Mar 2013 08:44:40
07 Mar 2013 08:44:40 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Kevin.

You can use the Event Title implementing the "Word of the day"
to all events you have for the day. That will be the best solution to your goal.By the way if you are interested in inserting your database events easier please take a look at the following tutorial :

Add Events with Date and Time in Ajax Event Calendar

Replied 07 Mar 2013 14:47:46
07 Mar 2013 14:47:46 Kevin Moore replied:
Thanks Vulcho for your quick response.
I'm actually hoping I can have the calendar portion be more for an Admin and only display the event title by itself on a separate page. For example ...

The word for today is "Event Title Here"

I followed the Creating Dynamic Calendar from Database video tutorial and inserted the "title" from the database/record set, but it isn't changing as the day changes. The same word stays on the page each day. Any thoughts on what I might be missing?

Thanks again!
Replied 26 Mar 2013 14:22:55
26 Mar 2013 14:22:55 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Kevin.

I understand your goal.You need to implement sort of Heading for each day events which are displayed in the calendar. Unfortunately there is not such feature in the Ajax Event Callendar. I will suggest to add that "Event Title for today" in your database column for tittle and display it with the tittle for each event.

Replied 29 Mar 2013 01:43:51
29 Mar 2013 01:43:51 Kevin Moore replied:
Thanks again for your response Vulcho.

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