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CSS overflow issue with my Event Cal?

Asked 31 Mar 2013 22:05:08
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31 Mar 2013 22:05:08 melissa webster posted:
I've just installed the Ajax Event Calendar extension into a site I am building for a client. We are utilizing the Google Calendar sync option so as to make it easier for the client. The "day" labels are taking up a massive amount of space. The only thing I can figure is that I am having some overflow issue from the CSS on my page? If anyone would care to take a moment, look at the page, and give me any pointers it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.



Replied 01 Apr 2013 06:55:32
01 Apr 2013 06:55:32 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Melissa.

Can you please edit your rule for the header to be more specific? Currently your rule is overwriting the css rule of the calendar:

.header {
    background-color: #990000;
    height: 250px;


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