4LevelDragScroller on Sliding Panels
Asked 14 Jan 2012 00:38:29
I want to set up html on one panel that contains the 4LevelDragScroller on the right side of the panel and a picture on the left side of the panel. The purpose is to show an interview. The person's picture will be on the left and the interview questions will be on the right which you will be able to scroll up and down vertically while the photo on the left remains stationary. Is this possible to do in Sliding Panels?

I am using Dreamweaver CS5 and the 4LevelDragScroller looks like it only goes up to Dreamweaver CS4. Can I still use it for CS5?

Thank you,

Official Responses
Replied 16 Jan 2012 09:35:54
Hi Jim,
I don't see any problem to do this. About the CS5 compatibility - please contact the extension developer:
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