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To leave html inside the div tag

Shared 05 Dec 2011 22:11:17
like this idea
05 Dec 2011 22:11:17 Nikki Cade posted:
I am currently using the online page editor to allow users to update a Whats On page which is displayed on a large screen in the reception area but it would be useful to edit the scrolling text along the bottom which uses the marquee tag. I know everyone hates this but it does have a few uses that do add value.

When I try and edit the text in the div as follows:

<div id="scrolltext"><marquee behavior=scroll direction="left" scrollamount="3">Hello

The save is successful screen is shown but all the html is lost leaving <div id="scrolltext"></div>.

I do not know if this is a simple request or not and may not be to everyone's need but if the original html between the div tags could left unaltered then other people may also find this useful.

Thanks Nikki


Replied 08 Dec 2011 11:41:59
08 Dec 2011 11:41:59 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Nikki Cade.

Your request is placed in the wishlist for features in the future updates of the extension.

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