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I can log in to the editor but only see dotted line with no way to get into page editor

Reported 07 Feb 2012 18:31:08
have this problem
07 Feb 2012 18:31:08 Nikki Bowes posted:
I can only see dotted out line but can not see my editor after I log in.
site is:


Replied 07 Feb 2012 18:59:33
07 Feb 2012 18:59:33 Nikki Bowes replied:
now the lines have even gone away. I log in but there is nothing there. Please HELP!
Replied 08 Feb 2012 07:29:55
08 Feb 2012 07:29:55 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Please provide your login details:
Replied 12 Apr 2013 19:51:43
12 Apr 2013 19:51:43 Bill Citrine replied:
I get this problem when the div overflow is set to auto. It's a nuisance because I need to edit a scrolling div. Is there any way to move the pencil icon inside the dotted line with negative margins somewhere maybe?
Replied 14 Apr 2013 15:21:50
14 Apr 2013 15:21:50 Bill Citrine replied:
Fixed it by doubling the depth of the pencil.png in Fireworks and duplicating the pencil image under the original so the pencil.png is now 2 x pencil images with the lower one being visible within the dotted line. This isn't really a proper fix as it only works when "ALL" editable divs are set to overflow: hidden. If there's a mix of hidden and visible overflow [divs to edit] you'll see two pencil images in the visible ones. I'm hoping there's a better way to do this - if not then maybe I'll work on a different image which can work for both, i.e. a single double-ended pencil or something which doesn't look weird when half of it is missing.
Replied 14 Apr 2013 15:57:17
14 Apr 2013 15:57:17 Bill Citrine replied:
Update: By simply doubling the depth of pencil.png and moving the pencil image to the bottom half, the pencil is now visible inside the dotted line. The only problem is that when you log out of edit mode (command + shift +2) the pencil image appears in the top left of the browser window and you need to refresh the page to hide it again. There has to be a better way to do this.
Replied 18 Apr 2013 08:25:28
18 Apr 2013 08:25:28 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Bill.

Can you provide me with link to the problem page?
Note that in the latest version of the extension, the editor require once login in order for easier editing.

Replied 18 Apr 2013 17:52:11
18 Apr 2013 17:52:11 Bill Citrine replied:
Hi Vulcho,

You kindly fixed this for me in a different support request regarding a login problem I had with IE10. Here is the fix you provided which worked for me...

Make the following change to dmxPageEditor.css:

.dmxActivator {  
border: 1px dashed #CCCCCC;  
overflow: visible !important;  
position: relative;  

Thanks, Bill

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