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the css of formats of Online Page Editor

Asked 06 Jan 2014 16:04:33
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06 Jan 2014 16:04:33 Alexander Mayer posted:
I use bootstrap and so i want to use also this css special codes. I hope someone can tell me where the standard-css of the online Page Editor is


Replied 06 Jan 2014 20:32:27
06 Jan 2014 20:32:27 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

In the Editor Options you can select and include a custom CSS file with your classes, that can be used later on the page.
Replied 07 Jan 2014 05:12:12
07 Jan 2014 05:12:12 Alexander Mayer replied:
Hello Teodor,

thanks for the answer.

Can i also set the path to my "normal" style-css so that be used for example my h1 - h6?

When i set at the Editor the fontcolor to #f8f8f8 and the backround to #000 some text of some fields are not readable. How can i fix this?

Could you tell me how i can activate the font and when i set the backround to my style-color and so?
Replied 18 Jan 2014 05:26:31
18 Jan 2014 05:26:31 Alexander Mayer replied:
is it correct when i set a css with

h1 {background:transparent;  }
*.red{color:#800; color:rgba{136,0,0,1)}
blockquote {}

And can i set for example 3 h3 with different colors like red, yellow, green?

// Block Styles
	{ name : 'Blue Title'		, element : 'h3', styles : { 'color' : 'Blue' } },
	{ name : 'Red Title'		, element : 'h3', styles : { 'color' : 'Red' } },

I have a theme.css also. Can i use this css because there are all classes set.
What is possible and the right way? Could you show me an example of a custom-css?
Replied 12 Mar 2014 07:29:03
12 Mar 2014 07:29:03 Alexander Mayer replied:
It will be nice if someone will be answer

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