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Need to disable scanning/updating on file open as your app creating havoc

Reported 12 Jun 2013 19:33:07
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12 Jun 2013 19:33:07 Ian Musk posted:
Hello! I have Google Maps extension from you installed. Latest version. Use this on several projects. All ok. Problem is am currently working on site where client has own template with Google Maps, but different js and Google libraries than you. These are inside the locked template area. What happens is that your app seems to be scanning for Google Maps and find it in these files than were not made with your app but nevertheless insists on trying to change path to become your ScriptLibrary path and you JS path. This is a nuisance as each time a file with Google maps is opened and then closed (without eg making changes) then the file manager asks if I want to save changes (which as caused by your apps scanning and updating things it shouldn't). Every time I open a file this happens. Also, in the template masters, your app is scanning and changing paths in the <head> which is not locked down as it is a template master. I could of course uninstall your app, but then I have to reinstall it every time I work on a project that was made with it. When my work is done the client will his templates and files back and he doesn't want to have your app because he says it is not needed. So, how can I prevent your app from scanning and changing files in projects do not use your app but do have Google maps in them?

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