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Step-by-step guide for map that uses a fixed "TO" location and user's current location?

Asked 31 Dec 2013 13:52:41
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31 Dec 2013 13:52:41 Ed Beck posted:
Could someone put together a step-by-step guide for how to create a map which will bring customers to my studio from their current location?

I have the DMX Google Maps, Directions, and Ajax Auto Complete extensions. I've watched individual videos and am having problems figuring out which videos are relevant. A start to finish, step-by-step would be a fantastic addition to the existing material (as well as generate more sales).

I'm using Dreamweaver and am developing for mobile apps using jquery mobile. What I want is a web page, and a mobile application that contain my studio location using latitude and longitude (Google Maps has a problem with my studio address). When the user opens the mobile app or opens the page from a mobile device they'd have the option of getting directions from their current location, which can transfer over to their mobile device's navigation.

Opening the page from a desktop would have a form they could use to enter a "from" address, and my studio location would automatically be in the "to" location.

Printing out a map and directions would be a nice bonus.

Ed Beck

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