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Asked 23 Jul 2012 17:35:50
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23 Jul 2012 17:35:50 jeff Napadow posted:
How can I change the marker icons? My custom ones don't show up. I'm using geocoding for the map START point and a database URL defined address as the END point. The icons show up in this line of code.

<img jsvalues=".src:markerIconPaths[$waypointIndex]" jstcache="13" src="">


Replied 24 Jul 2012 06:18:12
24 Jul 2012 06:18:12 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

Are you using the Custom Icons option in DMXzone Google Maps GUI?
Replied 24 Jul 2012 12:41:12
24 Jul 2012 12:41:12 jeff Napadow replied:
I am. The destination location has a custom icon but with directions turned on I have a green marker over it. The Start and Destination markers are green A & B. This is the site please click the link for House of Blues. You should see the map and directions below.
Replied 25 Jul 2012 13:35:05
25 Jul 2012 13:35:05 jeff Napadow replied:
It seems like the directions portion over rides the map adding it's own A-B markers. The custom markers work using just the mapping extension. I have changed all marker image addresses to point to my custom icons but still end up with the green A-B markers. I used Chrome to track down the address the marker calls but it isn't a local file. Is there maybe a way to over ride the style?
Replied 26 Jul 2012 06:56:13
26 Jul 2012 06:56:13 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Jeff,

Unfortunately in the current version it is not possible to use custom markers with the Directions Add-on.

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