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Lat/Lon for starting address

Reported 22 Sep 2012 18:09:00
have this problem
22 Sep 2012 18:09:00 Richard Kilcoyne posted:
It appears that if "Use Current Location" is used on a mobile phone the location is frequently not accurate. I suspect that the add-on is searching for a nearby address or the address of the cell tower is used instead of the actual position of the device in lat/lon. Is there a way for the GPS in the phone to autopopulate the starting location in lat/lon?


Replied 24 Sep 2012 06:36:30
24 Sep 2012 06:36:30 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Richard,

The "use current position" option is provided by Google. The extension uses the position that the device is located at - either it is using GPS, aGps or 3g network.
Replied 25 Sep 2012 04:04:16
25 Sep 2012 04:04:16 Richard Kilcoyne replied:
Today I tried two separate android phones, and an iPad, all with GPS and all with Google NAV. I had a simple webpage with the extension loaded and travelled around.

For the purposes of locating, both phones have the option (checkboxes) to "Use Wireless Networks" and/or "Use GPS Satellites". If I had both options checked, the website stated that the "current location" was an approximate nearby address, not the actual lat/lon. If I unchecked "Use Wireless Networks" the website did not return an address and the map remained blank.

It appears that its only using aGPS and 3g and not GPS...if possible, please advise on how to have the extension utilize the phone's GPS capability.

Replied 25 Sep 2012 06:41:49
25 Sep 2012 06:41:49 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

Here it is described how the auto location service provided by google works:
Replied 25 Sep 2012 09:58:01
25 Sep 2012 09:58:01 Richard Kilcoyne replied:
So, what you're saying is that the extension uses IPgeolocation, not gps. So, I'll ask the question slightly differently.....are you aware of a way for the extension to use the more accurate GPS in a mobile device as the "default", and if not, may I suggest that future releases of the extenstion have such capability?
Replied 25 Sep 2012 10:18:13
25 Sep 2012 10:18:13 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Richard,

The extension uses the service provided by Google. If Google enable this option then it will be featured in any of the future releases.

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