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Shared 02 Dec 2011 14:42:41
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02 Dec 2011 14:42:41 R W posted:
[8)] Google allows for localhost and as referrer when testing php pages locally while online. The captcha object appears just fine.

Nice little extension.

However I am one of those people who work most of the time OFFline.

I use local machine web servers for html and script coding.

But I don't use "localhost" calls to web pages / forms I'm designing, instead I have named my computer specifically and with a dom extension.

This allows any search / replace and whatever blah blah or other use of / "localhost" references within files to be left alone. Google has accepted my machine name as one of my registered referrers.

Now so as one can see the html layout in a browser offline similar to what it will be online...

...and having shown there is reason for some of us, is there some way you can enable the display of the captcha form as an image when ever we are offline - perhaps by including an optional simple var reference to the (our) machine name in the Server Markup code.

I know I can do this myself by fiddling the code but being able to avoid that with a simple embedded ref would make it so much easier for repeated use.

Could this be considered.


[] PS I have several "paid" extensions from THAT other mob W..A....t that only work by repeated registration when ever used (basically useless). If this is any indication for comparison your products are looking good indeed. Congrats.


Replied 05 Dec 2011 09:55:54
05 Dec 2011 09:55:54 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello R W,

I'll pass this suggestion to our developers so this can be included in the future updates.

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