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Make Recaptcha work with forms using the popular FormToEmail.php - or similar scripts

Shared 18 Sep 2012 07:36:06
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18 Sep 2012 07:36:06 Chris Parker posted:
The Recaptcha page says it will work on any web form - this is not true. The Recaptcha extension doesn't work at all if using on a standard web form using FormToEmail.php - which must be installed on millions of websites. I've been told that Recaptcha can only work if the form email action is on the same page as the form. Can I request this problem is looked at in the next update of this extension please - to allow forms to use email scripts on another page? Also the audio part of recaptcha doesn't work - its too garbled.


Replied 18 Sep 2012 08:08:54
18 Sep 2012 08:08:54 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Chris,

The Audio part of recaptcha is as provided by Google and it is not a part of our development work.
As for changing the form action - unfortunately this is not possible in the current version of recaptcha. I am going to discuss this request with our developers.

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