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Page after updating Extension

Asked 12 Feb 2012 15:43:35
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12 Feb 2012 15:43:35 Daryl Toogood posted:
I have just updated the extension to the latest but have noticed that the page that I had created no longer was showing in Dreamweaver as it did before. (ie no blue background outside of the page etc. I have also noticed that anew scrip folder was created.

What do I need to do to update a page created in an older version of the toolkit to work with the latest version?


Replied 13 Feb 2012 07:49:00
13 Feb 2012 07:49:00 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

did the installation wizard appear? Asking or user/pass/SN?
Replied 14 Feb 2012 06:18:02
14 Feb 2012 06:18:02 Daryl Toogood replied:

Yes, all windows appeared (serial, username, password) extension was installed as normal, just doesn't appear to be working when I view a Facebook page that was previously created.
Replied 14 Feb 2012 08:10:40
14 Feb 2012 08:10:40 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Daryl Toogood.

Delete the Scriptlibrary and Styles folder from your site root and insert the extension again , just to be sure that they are recreated.

Best regards : V.Vulev

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