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Dynamic data

Shared 13 May 2012 16:33:27
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13 May 2012 16:33:27 Andy Laverdiere, Jr. posted:
Can this extension be used in a dynamic list to reveal details? So instead of the "Sections" being comprised of a predetermined static list, it is comprised of a dynamic list that in turn will expand to show details for the record selected. I see this often with the banking and credit card sites I use. You click the "+" sign next to the desired entry and the details expand, you then click the "-" sign and they collapse again.



Replied 13 Mar 2013 18:47:17
13 Mar 2013 18:47:17 Dan Feather replied:
Hmmmm . . . WHERE is the ANSWER for this question? It has an "Answered" ribbon to the right of the topic, but I see no link and no answer. I want to know this too.
Replied 13 Mar 2013 19:30:46
13 Mar 2013 19:30:46 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Dan and Andy.

Unfortunately such functionality is not achievable within the current version of the product.Your idea will be discussed with our developers team and they will consider the implementation.


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