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Accordion Panel "Jumps" (no smooth transition) after applying the CSS fix for panel height

Reported 02 May 2013 20:05:21
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02 May 2013 20:05:21 Tim Dittmer posted:
I have seen numerous posts on addressing the height issue. One member had specified a height as a CSS rule but I am using only the default settings, using the checkboxes for behaviors like Auto Height, Auto Fill, Collapse, etc.

I added the CSS at the very bottom of the style file (eggplant.css):

.ui-accordion-content.ui-helper-reset.ui-widget-content.ui-corner-bottom.ui-accordion-content-active {
height: 100% !important;

The panels now open to accommodate the content but they now "Jump", meaning there is no longer a smooth transition and changing the transition effects in the behaviors panel does not do make a difference - they all have the same 'jump' effect.

Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you.


Replied 07 May 2013 06:58:58
07 May 2013 06:58:58 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Tim.

Please make sure that the Auto height and Fill Space checkboxes are selected.
After that remove the css fix suggested.

Replied 07 May 2013 12:17:26
07 May 2013 12:17:26 Tim Dittmer replied:
Hi Vulcho, your suggestion does not address the main issue I have been having because for some reason the second panel now displays a scroll bar instead of extending the panel so you can see all content.

Like other users have suggested, some of the check boxes in the Accordion properties don't seem to do anything - I played with all the combinations. If you want all of the panels to be closed and open them so you can see all the content without a scroll bar - what are the settings? I have not added any extra CSS rules that would affect the height of the panels so I am really puzzled why it does not work

Replied 07 May 2013 18:36:34
07 May 2013 18:36:34 Vulcho Vulev replied:
Hello Tim.

The only workarround for the scrollbars is to stick with the css fix i suggested at the moment. Our developers are investigating the problem and you will be notified in the thread when there is an update available.

Replied 06 Jun 2013 19:32:20
06 Jun 2013 19:32:20 Tim Dittmer replied:
Any idea when this is fixed? There are a number of other people who want to start with the "All Collapsed" option without having to deal with unnecessary scroll bars or flicker/jumps so I hope it will be addressed soon. This was a main reason I bought this extension and at the moment I cannot use it for a number of projects because of this shortcoming.


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