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Completely not working

Reported 01 Dec 2012 22:27:00
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01 Dec 2012 22:27:00 Chuck Borrelli posted:
Wow, I installed this extension on a site that I am working on an update... and it is completely broken... not sure why.

I know that some of your extensions don't always work when there are other extensions... and there are issues when using dreamweaver templates... but all I did was replace the HTML5 gallery with the flipping gallery and got a big mess.



Replied 01 Dec 2012 22:33:51
01 Dec 2012 22:33:51 Chuck Borrelli replied:
Hmm, as always, I put it on a page by itself, and it does not appear to be working like your example....
Replied 02 Dec 2012 12:06:52
02 Dec 2012 12:06:52 Chuck Borrelli replied:
Giving up...this does not seem to work on templates, but cannot delete the post. I will consider it just $26 wasted
Replied 02 Dec 2012 15:27:13
02 Dec 2012 15:27:13 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Chuck,

The gallery works on templates as you can see in the demos.

The first link you provided does not have the gallery on it.
The second link has the gallery and it is functioning well.

I is another thing that you set width/height of the second link gallery to 200x100 and it looks strange...

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