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Reported 03 Jul 2007 10:23:18
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03 Jul 2007 10:23:18 Kiril Iliev posted:
Firstly, before posting you might want to read the FAQ section and the User Manual first found on the extension's homepage: www.dmxzone.com/showDetail.asp?TypeId=3&NewsId=217

In addition, we provide installation extensions FAQ found here: dmxzone.com/index.asp?TypeId=7&CatId=687

Sales questions could be found here: dmxzone.com/index.asp?TypeId=7&CatId=954

It is easy to open a new thread to talk about a certain subject, whether it be a question, comment or otherwise. Imagine if everyone did that. It would be more than difficult to find anything then. So please use the Search function, which is what this feature is there for, because the chance that your question might have already been answered is very high.

If your issue still persists…

In order to understand better, what has happened to you we need to have the most thorough description of the problem you can give. Please try to be specific, and post your software profile. This includes

1. OS (Windows, Linux, etc.)
2. Dreamweaver Version
3. DMX Extension name and version
4. The ASP page(s) at which the problem appear (If you have Database connections you also HAVE to include the Database scripts of the used tables)
<b>Additional Notes:</b>
• Operating system/WebServer (For example: Linux 2/Windows 2003 Server)
• Web Server version (Apache/IIS version)
• ASP.NET version/PHP version (depending on the server-side technology)
• Security Settings
• Structure of your web site.
• Browser version (if the issue appear on particular browser please specify).
• Strongly recommended web site link to the page where the problem occurs
• For ASP/PHP page(s) and Database scripts should be zipped. Provide an online link to your zip file.

About the problem you have, we need to know how often does it happen (always, often, rare, unique) and what do you do to reproduce it.

<b>Important driver und update links: </b>

Microsoft Windows update - www.update.microsoft.com/

Dreamweaver - www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver/
DMX Zones’s Web Site - www.dmxzone.com/
DMX Zones’s FAQ - www.dmxzone.com/index.asp?TypeId=7

DMX Zones Support Team

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