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Is it possible to use DMXzone Lightbox for insert and edit forms?

Asked 21 Jan 2014 15:23:37
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21 Jan 2014 15:23:37 Steve Skinner posted:
In most cases where I am working with forms on my own projects or customer sites, there are many more form fields than what you show in your video tutorials. It wouldn't be practical to have forms with 10 to 20 fields shown on the same page as the list of records all the time.

What would be great is to be able to utilize something like DMXzone lightbox to open the form for inserting or editing records. Or, maybe a DIV that slides in from the top or the side that shows a much larger form in a scrolling DIV. I would love to see a tutorial on how to do that. Or... at a minimum, how to use a separate page for insert and edit forms.


Replied 21 Jan 2014 20:27:24
21 Jan 2014 20:27:24 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:

Using advanced css animator you can animate a div to show on your page when you want to add/edit records on your page.
If you do not want to use advanced CSS animator, then you can just use plain css in order to show/hide regions on your page.
Replied 21 Jan 2014 21:42:40
21 Jan 2014 21:42:40 Steve Skinner replied:
I would love to know how to do a cool DIV that sweeps in from the top like the bootstrap modal login does - that would be killer. The insert/update form could slide down from the top and be 80/90% of window height and be scrollable to show the form. On submission, it would slide away - just like bootstrap modal window.

Is there a tutorial for anything like that?

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