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Unable to implement file uploads of any kind

Reported 05 Feb 2014 23:59:15
have this problem
05 Feb 2014 23:59:15 Steve Skinner posted:
I just found out that it's not possible to do file uploads with the new database updater. Huge bummer! That's an important feature to be missing with the updater, which is otherwise a great extension.

When will this gap be filled with a solution that works with HTML5 Data Bindings and the Updater extensions?


Replied 06 Feb 2014 09:57:18
06 Feb 2014 09:57:18 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Steve,

Unfortunately the HTML5 Data Bindings is not compatible with the Pure ASP Upload tool. We are currently working on an Ajax Upload tool, that will be compatible with the Data Bindings extension.
Replied 19 Feb 2014 20:49:50
19 Feb 2014 20:49:50 Steve Skinner replied:
Very excited about the new ajax upload tool. When do you think it will be available?

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