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Set SQL value to NULL

Reported 30 Oct 2015 08:12:25
has this problem
30 Oct 2015 08:12:25 Mim UK posted:
I am trying to update a SQL field to NULL, however it is being set as 0

{"id": "ExecUndeleteP", "url": "dmxDatabaseActions/UndeletePRecord.asp", "data": {"PersRec_Deleted": "(null)", "PersRec_RecordId": "{{$FORM.DeletedRec}}"}, "success": "dmxDataBindingsAction('refresh','PRecords',{});"}

I have tried NULL, "", "NULL" and still cannot update the integer column to a NULL value.
Any help would be appreciated


Replied 30 Oct 2015 08:18:37
30 Oct 2015 08:18:37 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
What is your DB field type? also - is your database column set to use null for default value?
Replied 30 Oct 2015 08:22:47
30 Oct 2015 08:22:47 Mim UK replied:
Hi Teodor,
Its SQL 2008 tinyint
Its not a primary key and and yes allow nulls is true, defaults to NULL and length is 1

Replied 30 Oct 2015 08:28:44
30 Oct 2015 08:28:44 Mim UK replied:
My dmxConnection reports the field as {"type": 17, "nullable": 1},
Replied 30 Oct 2015 08:29:06
30 Oct 2015 08:29:06 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
So you cannot insert the word "null" and expect this to be the same as null value in the database
I will check if this is really possible with the database updater and will let you know.
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Replied 30 Oct 2015 08:41:31
30 Oct 2015 08:41:31 Mim UK replied:
Hi Teodor,
When I do not assign a value in the action executor it updates the value to 0

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