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"multiple purchase" discount

Asked 29 May 2014 18:54:45
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29 May 2014 18:54:45 A Myers posted:
Is there a "multiple purchase" discount on B3 navigation for owners of the B3 and B3 elements? There was one for B3 when it came out in our shopping cart.


Replied 29 May 2014 20:00:46
29 May 2014 20:00:46 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
The multiple purchase discount is applied when you purchase more than 2 products at once.
Replied 29 May 2014 23:06:44
29 May 2014 23:06:44 A Myers replied:
Hmm, I got a multiple something discount when I bought b3 elements after having bought b3 basic.
Replied 30 May 2014 06:39:45
30 May 2014 06:39:45 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Looking at your invoice, the discount you received purchasing bootstrap 3 elements, was the Easter discount using a promo code. Multiple purchase discount is applied on 2+ products purchased at once.

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