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Re: Navigation bar will not collapse at md/lg viewing port

Asked 04 Oct 2015 13:33:08
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04 Oct 2015 13:33:08 leon king posted:
Hello All,

I have a slight problem, I am in the process of testing a website and I realize that when I initially set up the navigation that I did not set it up so that it would collapse at the col-md and col-lg. So the navigation bar pushes extends downward into the content area to effectively display the navigation bar content. Basically, the navigation bar looks fine on a desktop at the sm/ex viewports but not at the md/lg viewports. When I try to go into the Bootstrap Navigation 3 menu to set it to collapse. The window opens saying the I have to first open up a bootstrap 3 page. Please help. Not sure if you can see the website because its on a temporary server be in any event here is the address. Thanks.


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