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vertical and horizontal

Reported 29 Aug 2016 12:02:04
has this problem
29 Aug 2016 12:02:04 Patrick Blanc posted:
I know i can t mix horizontal and vertical image in css image gallery (i know i have to use photoshop before) but my clients have not to do that !

So my question :
With html slide show2 it s possible to mix horizontal and vertical without any problem
but with this extension, i don t have thumbnail
So...is it possible to add thumbnails with html slide show ? i don t think so...
And if not, how i can i do? cause it s not professional to ask to my clients to use photoshop before upload images !
And i come back to you about the problem of combination with css image gallery and lightbox with dynamics images (doesn t work and i have posted the problem 2 months ago)
Thank you

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