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Thumbnail/image generator/size-optimizer

Shared 02 Dec 2015 08:00:49
like this idea
02 Dec 2015 08:00:49 Andre Bender posted:
I'd like to have a thumbnail generator that generates thumbnails of uploaded images for galleries.

It would also be good to have an image size-optimizer that reduces image sizes for mobile devices based on the screen-size breakpoints.

For example: a screen background image will be uploaded with a width of 1600px and the tool resizes this image to 1024, 720 and 400 px based on entered breakpoints and/or selected classes.


Replied 03 Dec 2015 15:47:00
03 Dec 2015 15:47:00 George Petrov replied:
Hi Andre,

We are already working on an image resize component that will integrate nicely in the new DMXzone Server Connect framework, so you can do multiple server side image resize after upload.

We hope to have it ready soon.

Replied 03 Dec 2015 15:54:05
03 Dec 2015 15:54:05 Andre Bender replied:
Thanks George. Is it also possible to move an image? That would be useful to generate a "fake delete" that just deactivates records and moves its images into a "deleted" folder instead of deleting everything.
Replied 03 Dec 2015 22:06:36
03 Dec 2015 22:06:36 George Petrov replied:
Yes Andre, we will also have a File System Connector that will allow you to do all kind of file related actions on the server like, copy/move/delete but also list folders contents and use it as data source on the client side.

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