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Not a problem


Reported 29 Nov 2015 12:38:41
has this problem
29 Nov 2015 12:38:41 Andre Bender posted:
Selecting checkbox > Display "default" is generating

<div class="checkbox">

instead of

<div class="checkbox checkbox-default">


Replied 30 Nov 2015 08:27:57
30 Nov 2015 08:27:57 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Andre,
The default checkbox class should be just "checkbox". There is no a "checkbox-default" class included in this plugin.
Replied 30 Nov 2015 08:31:53
30 Nov 2015 08:31:53 Andre Bender replied:
Hi Teodor
ok, thanks. I thought that the "checkbox-default" class is defined in Bootstrap, but it sems to be in one of my own stylesheets :-)

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