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First column of the first record is not receiving a value, everything else works great.

Reported 15 Oct 2018 21:44:25
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15 Oct 2018 21:44:25 Lee Woolsey posted:
I am importing a .csv file into a MySQL table. Everything works perfectly... except the first column of the first record does not get the import value

0364050,103,Ambriz Sanchez,Jesus,Ambriz,KG,20180904,M,12/22/2012,na, ,2031,
0340826,103,Acosta-Lopez,Jesus,Chuy Noe,02,20180904,M,09/17/2010,, ,2029,
0344255,103,Ahumada,Iliana, ,02,20180904,F,07/08/2011, ,,2029,
0361946,103,Alba Lopez,Evan, ,KG,20180904,M,06/01/2013,,,2031,
0347152,103,Allen,Isis, ,02,20180905,F,04/18/2011,,,2029,

My CSV file does not include a header row, I have tried deleting several rows, in case there was something about the first record causing the issue. When I do this, the first field of the first record still does not receive it's value. I have no trouble with any other record in the set (a total of 5140 records), just the first value of the first record.

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