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How do I secure a page after successful Sign-In?

Asked 18 Jan 2017 16:13:54
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18 Jan 2017 16:13:54 Dave Smith posted:
How do I secure the success page after the user has signed in correctly? Could you explain how the Security Provider Executor can be implemented after a successful Sign-In?

Many thanks in advance.


Replied 18 Jan 2017 16:31:29
18 Jan 2017 16:31:29 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Dave, what exactly do you mean by: "secure the success page after the user has signed in correctly"
Replied 18 Jan 2017 16:38:49
18 Jan 2017 16:38:49 Dave Smith replied:
Hi Teodor,
After the user has signed-in and forwarded to a URL of a 'success' page how do I confirm the user has signed-in correctly and protect the page?

If I try to use the Security Provider Executor it does not allow for formatting of the initial sign-in form inputs to the selected algorithm.

For instance if the user is validated then display the page if not redirect them away to the sign-in page..?

Can they work together is what I am asking? And how to implement the above?
Replied 18 Jan 2017 16:41:07
18 Jan 2017 16:41:07 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
You should not be using the security provide executor ...
Check this video please - the user level part can be skipped if you do not need it.
Replied 18 Jan 2017 17:02:31
18 Jan 2017 17:02:31 Dave Smith replied:
That video features the Security Provider Extension throughout?

Sorry if I am appearing slightly confused..
Replied 18 Jan 2017 17:07:27
18 Jan 2017 17:07:27 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Of course it includes the security provider extension, but you are not using the security provider EXECUTOR, you are using the security provider ENFORCER.
Replied 18 Jan 2017 17:13:17
18 Jan 2017 17:13:17 Dave Smith replied:
The Enforcer asks to define a Provider.
Replied 18 Jan 2017 17:20:31
18 Jan 2017 17:20:31 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Yes of course... how do you log users in without defining a provider?
Replied 18 Jan 2017 19:28:41
18 Jan 2017 19:28:41 Dave Smith replied:
I followed this video:

And added an On Success redirect to URL behavior....

Replied 18 Jan 2017 19:52:23
18 Jan 2017 19:52:23 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
But this is just an additional video to the existing ones which explain step by step how to log in and secure your pages:

Replied 18 Jan 2017 20:21:20
18 Jan 2017 20:21:20 Dave Smith replied:
Got it!

The missing link was clicking the Link To File button (chain icon). I knew it had to be something simple. Hopefully this post helps someone else as dimwitted as myself.

Thank you Theodor everything is working great!

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