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update records tutorial

Asked 07 Mar 2017 11:39:28
have this question
07 Mar 2017 11:39:28 aaron clark posted:
Hi could you please upload a tutorial showing how to update a specific record (rather than add a new one) using app connect.


Replied 07 Mar 2017 11:53:38
07 Mar 2017 11:53:38 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Aaron,
We are currently preparing the update and delete record tutorials. Check our blog for more details later.
Replied 08 Mar 2017 13:11:05
08 Mar 2017 13:11:05 aaron clark replied:
Any Idea when this will be available???
Replied 09 Mar 2017 10:38:32
09 Mar 2017 10:38:32 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Aaron,
Sorry about that, but we've postponed the release of the tutorial a bit. The easiest way to update a record is to use the data-detail component of the Data Traversal extension:
In the detail region, put your form, with a hidden field, which stores the record id - and use this hidden field, as a value for the Update record server action.
Replied 20 Mar 2017 05:59:31
20 Mar 2017 05:59:31 Firdaus Rohman replied:
Hi I'm also waiting for these tutorials. I've messed up my site by doing try and error and they didn't help. Those added codes from some of dmxzone extensions are quite sensitive and would break if I apply style formatting. I hope the tutorials are coming very soon because they are very crucial as insert. I don't wana give up App Connect and revert to Data Binding.
Replied 20 Mar 2017 06:45:04
20 Mar 2017 06:45:04 Firdaus Rohman replied:
Update: I've managed to configure update database as per Teodor's response above, but I have to insert the Data Source manually (copied from the Repeat Expression) because the interface keeps asking me "Please enter App Id first. You can do this in the properties at root APP node".

I also hope the Server Connect can directly call the Key id from the Data Detail Properties of App Connect to cut additional hidden input step if possible.

Replied 20 Mar 2017 07:54:32
20 Mar 2017 07:54:32 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Firdaus,
As explained your other posts about the same thing:
For the app id, just click App in the app connect panel, and add some id to it.
Replied 20 Mar 2017 08:10:17
20 Mar 2017 08:10:17 Firdaus Rohman replied:
Got it Teodor! Thanks much
Replied 25 Jun 2017 22:08:18
25 Jun 2017 22:08:18 J. R. Black replied:
The delete tutorial would be great! I've gotten the update process to work per the existing tutorial: Auto Generating an Update Record Form. Works perfectly... now on to the delete record...
Replied 23 Oct 2017 22:17:01
23 Oct 2017 22:17:01 steve kirchuk replied:
the update adds blank values for me .. it seems insert , update and delete should be the main reason of App Connect ... the only tutorial is if you have the bootstrap extension not an existing form ? The original thread was 7 months ago .. any updates on the tutorials for this yet?
Replied 09 Nov 2017 15:26:08
09 Nov 2017 15:26:08 manuel pinto replied:
Agree with steve Kirchuck. Waiting to see a tutorial but without bootstrap. The same for multiple inserts.

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