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PHP Includes Bug

Reported 09 Mar 2017 23:08:33
has this problem
09 Mar 2017 23:08:33 Brad Lawryk posted:
Having <?php include("_includes/header.php" ?> in the code shows up as a 'Button' in App Connect. Not a big deal but would be nice if we could perhaps rename it from Button to Include or something in the App Connect panel.


Replied 10 Mar 2017 07:20:34
10 Mar 2017 07:20:34 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Brad,
We will check this and fix it in the upcoming update of the extension. It shouldn't be shown as a button indeed, but it does not break the functionality.
Replied 10 Mar 2017 14:35:31
10 Mar 2017 14:35:31 Brad Lawryk replied:
No, it doesn't break functionality. Just reporting it as a bug as it indeed is not a button as indicated.

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