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Step By Step Instructions on how to login in and restict pages

Asked 10 Jun 2017 08:03:05
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10 Jun 2017 08:03:05 Bobby Edgar posted:
I need to know how to setup a login page that leads to restricted pages. I was able to do this with Data Bindings/Security Provided, but can't for life of me figure it out using App Connect.


Replied 12 Jun 2017 07:12:17
12 Jun 2017 07:12:17 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi Bobby,
Actually on the server-side everything is the same as here:
Also restricting the page is the same using the security enforcer (also shown in this video).

The only difference with app connect is that you do no longer create server connect executors, but instead - for the login form, select handler - server connect and select your login server action, this way it will run on submit.

We are currently updating our videos, so this one will also be available with app connect soon.
Replied 26 Jul 2017 12:48:43
26 Jul 2017 12:48:43 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
This is the updated tutorial, explaining how to setup a complete login system with Security Provider and App Connect:

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